*The art of building your business empire by infusing your copy with the essence of you. (Because people do business with people and that starts from the moment they first interact with you and your brand.)

If you’re tired of pushing back your new website or product launch because your copy is never quite “done” enough, this might be the most important page you read today.

Did you just roll your eyes and sigh? Yeah, I know. Me too. All that “most important thing” baloney, it’s just plain old. Made you look though eh! 😉

“What’s that?” I hear you cry. “Emojis on a sales page? Surely that’s not the done thing?”

“Hiya, I’m El Edwards, word chef, jester, disruptor of the status quo. If you need words but are tired of the boring cookie cutter “same old, same old” copy, I’m your gal. I’m on a mission to rid the world of beige content. You’re wonderful and brilliant and you need the words to reflect that.”

Maybe you’ve tried to find the right words yourself (trust me, you wouldn’t be the first) but only succeeded in writing yourself in circles. (Why is it so much easier to find the right words for everybody else?!?)

Or maybe you know you’re just too damn busy making brilliance to waste the hours and hours it would take you to do it all yourself. (Because sure, you could do everything, but why would you want to? That’s got to be the new definition of insanity!)

If you’re ready to get the super sharp copy your business deserves, and get it done in just one week, you’ve come to the right place.

Introducing … Youopoly

Here’s how we play:


Click here to reserve your week on my calendar. I’ll also send you my playbook. This interactive document will help guide us as we play.


On the morning of our call, we’ll spend two glorious hours digging into the essence of you. Together we’ll build a strategy for your website copy and infuse it with delightful youisms.


Two days later you’ll get your first glimpse at your about and home page copy. From there we’ll play together to build out all the extra little pieces and by Friday, your sparkling new copy will be done!

One goal: To attract the most “perfect for you” people, so you can build a business that energises and empowers you.

Your personal brand serves as your best protection against business factors you can’t control.Dan Schawbel

“I love what you did here! It’s fantastic! I was just reflecting on how much content was created in a week – just like you promised! It really captures who I am and what I’m all about. Thank you so much!”

Donna Kozik,

Frequently Asked Questions …

Youopoly costs $1250, payable via Paypal in two instalments. The first payment is taken to secure your week in my calendar and you’ll be sent an invoice for the second payment, one week before our call.

Youopoly is about more than just the copy. Before I’ve even written a word, you’ll leave our time together with a concrete strategy for the copy on your website. That said, here’s what you can expect by the Friday after our call:

  • Home page copy. This will probably incorporate elements of about and elements of opt-in. We’ll talk about the best strategy for you on our call.
  • About page copy.
  • Copy for your opt-in page.
  • A one page PDF opt-in gift. Think instant gratification or easy wins. On our call, we’ll talk about this crucial piece in your marketing arsenal and by Friday, it’ll be in your hands ready to hook up to your website.
  • Opt-in niggly bits. All those little bits of copy that usually get totally forgotten about until right after you go live. ‘Almost done’ page, confirmation email, welcome email. These are all wonderful places for delighting your perfect people.
  • Social media about/tag lines.

A full sales page is outside the scope of Youopoly. I offer extra copy at a special rate for existing customers. If that’s you, email me hello (at) eledwards (dot) uk to discuss your project.

Youopoly doesn’t include:

  • 47 page ebooks. (Or 27, 93 or even 8 for that matter!)
  • 99 part email series.
  • Blog posts. (We can however talk about strategy for your blog during our call and come up with ideas for a blog content calendar.)
  • Weekly newsletter content. (Ditto! 🙂 )

Ha! Step 1: Click here to reserve your week on my calendar.

That’s easy. 🙂 Email me hello (at) eledwards (dot) uk and ask me. If your question is one that I’ve heard at least more that once you’ll probably find I’ll add it here (in addition to actually replying and answering of course!)

Start on Monday, finished by Friday. How’s that for glorious & efficient?!

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